Hook Size Matters

I know this is pretty obvious that different size hooks result in different sized creations, but when you are switching hook sizes for the many projects you are working on, sometimes you realize too late… the best part is that the hook I was using has the rubber handle and the one I should have been using doesn’t so you would have thought I would have noticed before I made 5 of them!

Luckily the difference in the hook size is only .75 MM difference, so I decided not to remake them.

This is the result, the one on the left (the smaller one) is the size I intended it to be and the right almost seems twice the size, to accommodate for this, I made sure the body on the bigger one wasn’t too large so that it wouldn’t fall off your finger.

I am thinking it would be fun to experiment with a variety of different hook sizes just to see the difference they would make when using the same yarn.

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