Fun with Water Beads

“It so memorizing” said my girls. I knew what they meant but it brought me back to having to memorize many things in high school.

It’s so easy! Just Hydrate some water beads (follow the directions on the bag) after that rinse the water beads and if you bought a bag with a variety of colors you can then sort them to make a rainbow of colors or you can leave them unsorted.

After putting them in a bottle, I then added some baby oil. I really liked the colors looked with the oil!

I then added some glitter and caught myself flipping it back and forth to watch it, although I have a lot of water beads in my bottle it still is fun to watch.

The only drawback is that the sorted beads will not last if the bottle is shaken.

The kids wanted to make one too, so I found some smaller bottles. I have water instead of oil in theirs but they love them and they aren’t too big for them.

It’s so Mesmerizing!

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