Gigantor The LEGO Crayon

I decided to have some fun with melting crayons.

I had 3 different sizes for the LEGO guys and so I wanted to try all of the sizes.

I have had little LEGO molds for a while and have used them for various things, including making candies and chocolates so you would think I would be an expert with using these molds when I wanted to make some crayons….well I did only break 4 heads but it was 3 in a row!

I decided to mix up the little heads and remelt them, for gigantor I wanted to try to salvage him but it was not working well.

I tried to use an iron and it looked like I had killed him, I tried to use a lighter and blow dryer and ended up with crayon everywhere. So I gave up and remelted him and them I proceeded to break is body..

So with my husbands help we were able to piece him back together

I might make the yellow look a little better but at least he’s finally one piece!

They were a lot of fun to make and the kids are very excited for some new crayons!

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