Crafting with Kids

Crafting with kids can sometimes be stressful and very messy! Here’s some things I have learned…

  1. If your trying something new let the kids play around with it for a little bit
  • If they break it you will know to reinforce it better. (I learned that I needed to add fabric to my lining with the oven mitts after one of the kids put a huge hole in the lining)
  • If they make a huge mess you will know that you need to change your tactic for the next time (We will never do finger painting with the paper on the wall without covering the entire wall) I remember making stress balloons and filling them full of beans, rice and flour and the flour one completely exploded in the car on the way to pick up a prize and waking in to the building completely covered in flour. I learned that I needed to buy better balloons and never use them in the car.
  • If they aren’t interested in it after a short time, you can change it up and try to make it more entertaining. For the girls, adding glitter usually gets them to like it for longer and for my son making it robot or Minecraft themed really gets him interested.

2. Designate an area for crafting. This will contain the mess to a small area rather then the entire house. Avoid having it in carpeted rooms as if glue or paint spills it’s a lot harder to clean it up.

3. Let them make slime! I know we all hate it and it’s so messy, but the kids love it. We have special rules with slime, such as it cannot get off the table, if they don’t follow the rules they have to put the slime away.

  • We got a slime kit for Christmas and I was horrified! This was the ultimate slime kit and I was not prepared for this much slime, but hearing the kids laughter as they made slime with eyes floating in it or their amazement as we turned the lights off and one of their creations flowed in the dark. We still have some slimes left to make, but I have just as much fun making it with the kids.

4. Try to incorporate all the kids in the craft activities, however be understanding if they don’t all want to participate or if they only do it for a short time.

  • Offering each child a chance to help with a project, like making a ton of perler bead pizzas. It gives them a feeling of accomplishment that they made something really cool.

5. Don’t forget to have fun too! It’s ok to join in too! My kids love it when dad and I participate in the activity and make things just for them. They were very excited the day I melted old crayons into LEGO guys!

6. Enjoy the “nailed it” moments! Take time to laugh at the failures.

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