Thank goodness for already having this post ready to go! I am feeling under the weather today so I am going to rest today.

One of our chickens, we received her from my husband’s grandparents. She and the others we received, fit right into our flock!

My daughter was out of school for half of the week due to being sick and she is obsessed with chickens, so of course, I had to make a puppet for her!

We have chickens in our backyard and the kids love taking care of them. We get so many eggs in the summer time that we give a lot to our neighbors.

I want to adjust this one slightly because it is a little smaller where you put your fingers (is perfect for her hands so I will make two sizes) and I’m not sure if I like the look of the beak.

Unsure if I like the beak, will adjust it for the next one I make




I ran out of the pink yarn I was using to make this pig and I cannot find the same shade! I, fortunately, had just enough to finish it! This one was a ton of fun to make and I think I may make a set of 3 pigs and a wolf (oh a new puppet idea!) I still have a huge list of puppets I want to make, I have been making sure to write down the pattern so that I can make it again without worrying about how I managed to make it the first time.img_0526


clown fish

I have been thinking for a long time about making crochet items and selling them, but I want to find something that is unique. The inspiration came when my mother-in-law was opening up her new business and I wanted to see about making some puppets for her. I then made a variety of them including a ladybug, a monster, and a clown fish. I had a ton of fun making them and then continued to make other crochet projects for family and friends.

One day in early November, I decided to post to my Facebook friends about whether I should start a business making crochet toys, the response was very supportive and amazing but was still a little hesitant about the commitment since I am already working a full-time job and I have a family to take care of as well.

I did not do much crocheting in January but the thought of selling crochet items has still been on my mind. I am an experienced crocheter, however, I am still a beginner at making my own patterns and I am not a very “visual” person so making my own patterns is a little bit of a challenge, but who doesn’t love a good challenge?

I have decided that I am going to start this business! I am still thinking of a creative name and have a lot of other things to prepare for, so watch for updates!