This turtle is specifically designed to use in the oven! I have added liner, that way you won’t have any chance of hot stuff falling through the little holes. The only thing is that I for some reason used white thread when sewing the lining in, which doesn’t look too bad but I will make sure I use the same color of thread so it doesn’t look strange.

I made the turtle shell removable, and it can be used as a pot holder!

I debated on adding arms and legs, but since it’s designed as an oven mitt I didn’t want the legs going into a casserole or cookies.

I love the way it turned out!

Blue the Goat

Meet Blue the goat. He is very loving and does exactly what you want him to do.

I didn’t intend on making a goat but when I was making the ears and had showed my husband he had said that it would just need little horns and it would be perfect. I rolled my eyes at him and then I took a look at the puppet and decided that Blue would be perfect as a goat.

Purple Cow




During the first week of orientation, they had discussed the Purple Cow, because of my commute I have been listening to a variety of audio books and decided to finally listen to this one. Cows may be interesting to look at for a short time, but after seeing many cows they tend to blend together and they all look very similar, they then become less interesting to look at. This book discusses about standing out and being a Purple Cow, even if it is difficult, because you will have a better chance to succeed.

purple cow book

Purple Cow:Transform your Business By Being Remarkable by Seth Godin


A purple cow is like doing something that makes you unique to the competition. You won’t get noticed if your doing the same thing as everyone else. Being a Purple Cow is doing or being something that does not go unnoticed.


*This is not a paid advertisement of this book

Hook Size Matters

I know this is pretty obvious that different size hooks result in different sized creations, but when you are switching hook sizes for the many projects you are working on, sometimes you realize too late… the best part is that the hook I was using has the rubber handle and the one I should have been using doesn’t so you would have thought I would have noticed before I made 5 of them!

Luckily the difference in the hook size is only .75 MM difference, so I decided not to remake them.

This is the result, the one on the left (the smaller one) is the size I intended it to be and the right almost seems twice the size, to accommodate for this, I made sure the body on the bigger one wasn’t too large so that it wouldn’t fall off your finger.

I am thinking it would be fun to experiment with a variety of different hook sizes just to see the difference they would make when using the same yarn.