I’m not entirely sure if I like the look of this one yet. I think I am going to make major changes to it so that it looks more “cat like” I need to find a way to be able to make the whiskers look less like a mustache, I attempted to use thin wire and crochet around it but I do not know if I want to have to have wire in t even though it’s really thin and used for floral arrangements.

I may just use thinner yarn for the whiskers, I used the same size yarn for the puppet and the whiskers, that may look better. I also attempted to spray the whiskers so that they wouldn’t fall down as much, but it left it a little sticky .

For little hands

I have been feeling “under the weather” and have been really busy preparing for the next two weeks so I haven’t made a lot of new puppets, however I am currently working on making puppets designed for smaller hands. I love the way these are looking so far, I have a lot more that have just the base portion done and once I add more details I will showcase all of them.

The duck does have some changes that I am happy with the way it looks now, when it complete I will show how awesome it is!

If you have any suggestions on what to make next, let me know!


Here’s one variation of a bunny puppet! The ears are smaller than on my tippy dog, but I didn’t want them too wide so they would be able to stand up. I also stuffed the ears a little bit so they wouldn’t lay so flat.

My family is involved in the community play that is going to be happening in a week and each night I bring my basket of puppets because I like getting opinions of others on what I can do differently and which ones they like. I expected to receive some feedback from the teenagers but did not expect them to be playing with them in between scenes.



Black Dog

Our puppy, Tippy, is a black lab and hound mix with cute long ears! She is constantly full of energy and my kids and other two dogs love her.


Of course I made a puppet inspired by her, I added a tongue to this puppet because with having the super long ears it almost looked like a bunny rabbit (I will probably be adjusting the pattern for this one to make a bunny one!). Because it is all black its hard to see the nose piece, so I will be trying to figure out ways to make the nose piece stand out a little better (possibly using a different shade to make it or a different material) Enjoy!